Noor | Release: 2017



It will not be completely irrelevant to say that the film ‘Noor’, has a strong story with a thin projection. All being well with the plot, as well as the casts, the hammer does not hit the iron hard when it is hot. The treatment of the story is very subtle and that is exactly where the audience is battered on its expectation. Adapted from ‘Karachi! You Are Killing Me!’ by Saba Kazmi, the tale opens with beauty and rolls on smoothly only as long as the twenty eight year old journalist – Noor’s angst in general and her dissatisfaction in particular towards a yet unsuccessful career, life and love life is reeled out.

The transition from boring regularity of Noor’s life to the fermenting excitement with the arrival of Ayanaka Banerjee, an ace journalist and photographer is pretty interesting but very short lived. Instead of picking the pace, the story dwindles down to one of a mere self pitying and guilty Noor who not only has failed as a journalist in taking up her responsibilities but also blames herself for having been cheated. So far so good, her actions hence forth show little power in the revolt that she is being praised for.

Having counted the follies, it’s time to recall the calibre that is worthy of praise. This is another film of the kind led by a female character. Though  Sonakshi Sinha has tried her best to bring Noor to life, yet the lack seems to be in the portrayal of the journalist who believes in showcasing facts from society and not flashy sellable stuff.

Purab Kohli’s performance is beyond question inspite of his limited exposure. Smita Tambe in the role of Malti has definitely done some good work. Kanan Gill fits into the supportive friend well and Shibani Dandekar is but a prettifying presence. The character of Shekhar (played by Manish Chaudhary) promises something better from the onset but ends up with only a few wake up calls for a journalist towards her responsibilities and then a back slapping praise and a dream opportunity for Noor.

Sunhil Sippy’s ‘Noor’ has only managed a 3.7 on IMDb and has been a flop on Box Office. Yet it is, as always, an individual’s right to judge a film. So, give it a go!


Release: 2017

Director: Sunhil Sippy

Producers: Raja Mishra, Krishan Kumar, Vikram Malhotra

Soundtrack: Amaal Mallik



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