Employee Engagement through Gamification

Engaged employees are essential for business success, but motivating workers today is more difficult than ever.

Leading-edge companies are using gamification platforms to drive meaningful behaviors and improve performance across all types of workforces, whether in-house or distributed, hourly or professional.

Engaged employees are your company’s most important asset.

They’re absolutely critical to the customer experience and to your business performance overall. According to research from the Corporate Leadership Council, highly-committed employees try harder (57%), perform better (20%) and are less likely to leave (87%).

In addition, Forrester recently concluded that companies with higher employee engagement ratings boast higher profit margins and deliver better customer outcomes, as measured by customer satisfaction, loyalty and likelihood-to-recommend scores.

Use gamification to:

Drive employee development and higher revenue per employee

• Focus teams on business priorities and goals

• Encourage collaboration and healthy competition

• Enhance self-driven learning and knowledge sharing

• Improve key business metrics specific to each role (quota achievement, issue resolution, product ideation, process alignment, etc.) Improve talent retention and recruitment

• Gain greater visibility into what motivates different employee groups

• Increase engagement by providing employees visibility into their impact on the business

• Clarify goals, metrics, status and reputation

• Deliver real-time feedback on performance Accelerate onboarding

• Ensure participation and effectiveness of training programs

• Accelerate ongoing use of learning management resources • Promote collaborative learning