About My Antakshari

At My Antakshari we believe that gaming does not have to be always violent, shoot them up, blow things etc. Games can be melodious, fun and entertaining.

My Antakshari was launched in April 2000 as a web resource of songs, lyrics, movies and singers. It has been an ever evolving journey and we continue to innovate each day.

My Antakshari concept originally started with the purpose of preserving and promoting the cultural theme of Antakshari Game, which is based on songs to all like-minded lovers of clean family fun game, irrespective of their geographic location, race, religion or ethnicity.

My Antakshari is not just a gaming platform with lyrics, it also helps lift the mood through fun, motivation and entertaining elements like quizzes and challenges.

My Antakshari strives to provide an ongoing engagement and rewarding experience to the best degree possible.

Our focus is to bring together friends and families, colleagues and associates – through fun songs and challenges in a fun and easy way.

The conception, design, creation, programming, operation and maintenance of the My Antakshari Digital Channels (Site, Apps etc.), are the handy work of Vijay Kukreja and a few special folks. From time to time other visitors and friends have been supporting / contributing to the development of My Antakshari Platform.

A special person in the journey of this platform has been Vasu Kukreja – without his help we would not be where we are today.

Claims by any person(s) that they are employed / working or have been employed / worked at My Antakshari are false and fraudulent and should be treated as such.

My Antakshari is not under any contractual agreement with any person(s) regarding employment. My Antakshari operates as a completely social-benefit-only initiative.

My Antakshari does not hold copyrights of any articles, music, videos or images. The copyrights rest with the original writers, owner companies or individuals. Some of the archived material is sourced from internet, personal collection and individual collectors and contributors.

This material is for educational, gaming, entertainment purposes to help preserve the musical and sociocultural legacy of a cultural game.

If you do not wish your copyrighted material to be shared on this site for any reason, please write to us through the Contact Us Page (with the proof of copyright ownership) and it will be removed as soon as possible.

While full attention will be given to maintain the platform with accurate material and regular updates, given the ever-fickle nature of technology and legality, we cannot guarantee these things. Feel free to point out any lapses or opportunities to improve.

Some (a percentage) of the revenue from My Antakshari platform (Advertisement, Corporate Sales etc.) and other donations will be sent to Charities mentioned on the charity page.

We are proud to be growing rapidly, providing great satisfaction to our visitors and users.